Hair Growth Treatment

Losing hair is natural part of aging. And we can choose to age beautifully. We understand the root of your hair needs, whatever condition they may come in. Experience our repairing and rebuilding solutions that rejuvenate your hair from root to tip.

With GroGlo, you can be assured that your hair and scalp would be treated safely, simply and effectively. It does not have to be more complicated than that.

The value of our environmentally-friendly formulas lie in the hearty premium ingredients that are technologically perfected to deliver you to where you want to be.

Start early and begin your hair growth journey with us. We’ll take you there.

La Focus Nature 9.0 Scalp N.B.A

Refresh Volume PEPTIDE Therapy (Oily Scalp)

Deep cleanses with anti-fungal properties to control excessive sebum production. Your scalp and hair will emerge refreshed and voluminuous.

Snow Balance PEPTIDE Therapy (Dandruff Scalp)

Together with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits, this therapy purifies and exfoliates your scalp for an exceptional clean feeling that lasts.

Eliminates and prevents the recurrence of dandruff as well as relieves irritation and itchiness.

Soothing PEPTIDE Therapy (Sensitive Scalp)

Hypoallergenic formula to help relieves irritation and itchiness. Soothes and restores scalp comfort. Works to restore the scalp’s protective barrier function for optimal health.

HairPlus Lab

Groglo Signature Therapy (Intensive Regrowth+++)

Groglo Signature Therapy (Intensive Regrowth+++) is a treatment containing exclusive anti-hair loss concentrate for man and woman to combat any hair loss issue.

Hair growth will be accelerated and within 3 months, the number of hairs will increase, leaving it looking thicker and fuller.

First time customers will enjoy a promotional rate of only $38 for their first session.

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