Body Care & Massage

A reputable body massage moves beyond skin deep. Under our healing hands, we can elevate your physical and emotional health to optimise your body and your mind. There is no kinder way to pamper and care for your wellbeing other than to letting us take care of you.

Our remedial deep tissue massages include the esteemed ‘Bo Jin’ technique to help you achieve further enhancement on holistic relief and healing solutions tailored for your precious body. Your life flow energy will be revitalised, spurring you to feel and live better.

Take your pick from our carefully curated services to take charge of your personal wellness now.

Our Body Balance Therapy

Meridian Massage (Jing Luo Massage)

Employing acupressure to focus finger pressure on pressure points to improve your life energy flow. Our healing hands will help you maximise your self-healing abilities with a therapeutic touch that enhances your healing energy. 

If you are looking for efficient pain relief, better energy balance, elevated state of mind, or just to improve your health, then meridian massage is the best natural solution.

Bo Jin Treatment Massage

This Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) massage is a proven remedy massage that centres around the use of the buffalo horn. The horn will allow deeper massage penetration to unlock the knots in our muscles to provide an effective relief for chronic pain and stiff  muscles.

First time customers will enjoy a promotional rate of only $38 for their first session.

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